Grow Your Creative Agency Podcast

Eric Parnell and Nate Kupish both run creative agencies. They regularly meet to discuss best practices, brainstorm growth strategies, and tackle challenging business scenarios. But they knew learning from others who had already done what they were trying to do would be incredibly beneficial. How though? How could they gather insight from those who had successfully built creative agencies, and how could they share those insights with others just like them?

Grow Your Creative Agency Podcast

The Challenge

Build a brand identity and platform that would allow a wide audience to access and interact with recorded conversations and interviews with industry-leading entrepreneurs and founders.

The Solution

Design and develop an energetic, creative, and engaging brand identity that would frame a website, podcast, and ongoing content creation.

• Validated their interest by having a professional platform.
• Allowed guests exposure to new audiences.
• Made it easy to share insights with listeners.
• Gave structure to their conversations.
• Provided a way to gain a consistent audience.

Plus, the recordings allowed Eric and Nate to revisit the content, accurately turning it into formats including a written blog and downloadable PDF resources. Fun note: The logo mark was developed from the concept of creative agency owners being pulled in many directions but needing to learn to move forward.

On the technical side, we set up and connected the following services to provide an incredible experience for listeners to interact with Eric and Nate.

• Squarespace: Website
• Patreon: Monthly Support
• GoDaddy: Domain Hosting
• Instagram: Sharing content and encouraging interaction
• Facebook: Sharing content and encouraging interaction
• Apple Podcast: Podcast Channel
• Spotify Podcast: Podcast Channel
• SignWell: Account for guests to easily sign NDA
• Twitter: Sharing content and encouraging interaction
• Mailchimp: Professional, trackable email platform
• Linktree: Bringing the links for all channels into a sinbgle location
• Gmail: Email of course

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The Results

A solid platform for growing the audience size of a great Podcast. Episode 1 has already been shared over 500 times!

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Scope of Work

Brand Identity & Website


Podcast & Accounts Setup

Logomark, Colors, Typeface, Style Guide.

Intended to be an extension of the Podcast that showcased a free download lead generator, written recaps of each episode, email subscribe form, info about the hosts, and any downloads guests wanted to share with listeners.

Shot photos both in the recording studio and portrait photos in photo studio.

A marketing plan complete with images to post on Instagram, Linkedin, and Facebook to generate buzz and followers.

Designed printed stickers to be included in thank you notes to guests.

Developed a script for the show, questions for guests, episode naming structure, and an intro/outro recording.

Website, Patreon, Riverside, Google Domains, Instagram, Facebook, Apple Podcast, Spotify Podcast.

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